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Account Deleted

I love it! How to discern dysfunction. A cultural fit is so important, and by following the tips you've laid out, job seekers are better equipped to observe and find out whether the prospective employer would be a good fit for them.

I also advise clients to observe the way in which the interviewers answer their questions about how things work at the organization. Tone of voice, enthusiasm (and lack thereof), evasion, etc. can all help job seekers perceive anything that might be a "red flag" to them.

Great post!

Career Sherpa

You are so right, most enter into the interviews with the "pick me" mentality instead of really identifying what they want from their next job and employer.

I love your two-part question: If I am offered this position, what will my first priorities on the job look like--and how will I work with each of you to get it done
This should be a standard question asked by every interviewee!

Gayle Howard

Fantastic post Chandlee. Researching the organization is crucial, not just for the jobseeker candidate, but for the company too. Two people have to be happy with an employment arrangement. The employer needs to know the candidate wants to work there from what she has gleaned from her research, and the candidate needs to know whether there can be a good fit for her in that company. If the company does not gel with her politically or culturally, then it's best to know before she accepts a job offer. The name alone will not necessarily tell the candidate who they are owned by and what they do!

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