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Comment received from Penelope Trunk:

Hi, I tried to post a comment via open ID, but I think it's broken. So I'm emailing you the comment.

I like your insight about how things are working from the career center perspective. And I agree that alumni networks are very powerful when it comes to managing a career.

That said, there are two things in your post that say a lot about the situation.

1. That you have a lot of great insights on this topic, but you left career center life to start your own business.
2. That you said career centers are taking the lead starting alumni groups on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn is actually set up to work fine for alumni networks without a career center taking charge. The architechture of LinkedIn for alumni groups is very effective at a grassroots level. And this is a great example of career centers constantly being a little bit off the mark.

Okay. Still. There must be hope in this regard because career centers have to get better. Too many people are thinking too hard about the problem for things not to change.



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Amy Krussell

You posting are wonderful and informative.


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