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Thank you for this kind article about Hazel Rowley, biographer extraordinaire and a wonderful person. Yes, it is ironic that the New York Times refuses to do an obituary about Hazel's extraordinary life, after all Hazel did to open up new ways of understanding the lives of such giant figures as FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, Sartre and Beauvoir, Richard Wright, and Christina Stead. Oddly, given the cold attitude of the NYT obits department, her Richard Wright book was once on the cover of the Sunday NY Times Book Review. The Guardian in the UK plans to print an article on Hazel later this month, and I hope there will be others. There will be memorial services this March 12-13 weekend for her in New York and Paris, and there will be another memorial in Melbourne, Australia on March 16. So many of us are devastated to hear the news of her death.

A follow up.... After much pressure from several tenacious admirers of Hazel Rowley's works, the New York Times (15 March 2011) relented and printed a long news obituary written by Margalit Fox. Thanks to you and others for pointing out the strange lack of coverage in the USA, now several media outlets seem to be giving her death coverage. It is good to see that the NYT finally stepped up and explored her life story.

One slight correction, the NYT obit has appeared online on 15 March 2011, but it is slated to be in the print edition later this week. Stay tuned.

That is a lovely story by Chandlee. I know Julian, the doorman, and he did come to the memorial service along with about 200 other friends of Hazel's but the service most definately was not in a Catholic Church. It was in the "little church around the corner" (One East 29th Street) a church loved by artists and writers and "outsiders" , people whom Hazel wrote about.
There have been Obituaries in the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Guardian(UK), Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times, The Age & The Australian, Adelaide Review etc and many more other newsletters subscribed to by writers.
As Hazel's younger sister, I intend to honor Hazel's memory in a several ways and if you would like more information please contact me.

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