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Wow, how's that for an eye-opener? I've been unemployed for 8 months now and I'm eager to go back working. I find this to be a challenge, since employers are going to notice the gap. But of course, with the help of this firm that once helped me and mediated with my previous company's management (I was able to get the worker's compensation and claim), I know I'll get my desired job.

I never really thought about keywords that can help my resume until I read this post. I know I should have a good-looking resume, but now I have an idea how recruiters find prospective employees online. Thanks, Chandlee.

That's great advice, can't wait to apliy it.

I can't think if any more specific ways to leave a good comment, but I think the overall rule should be to treat online posting like a conversation you'd have in person with your readers. It's sometimes easy to cross these lines inadvertently.

Beats, I agree with you 100%. Thanks for weighing in.

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