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Excellent tips and overall message, Chandlee! Definitely, employers "are still looking for hires in December!" The economy, and business, doesn't suddenly grind to a halt because there are holidays.

Your point about companies having motivation to hire before Dec. 31 (because of fiscal year schedules) also resonates.

Bottom line, NOW is a good time to maintain job-search motivation and traction!

Cheers - and thanks for the pragmatic, energizing post!


Great tip.
This also fit for almost any company whose sales force tries this excuse on management.
It is actually a great time to make initial prospecting calls because no one else is working that hard during this time.

Great tips Chandlee!

I always encourage clients to consider how they can take a seemingly negative situation and turn it into a positive - you've clearly done that here!

Capitalizing on good feelings and holiday cheer can only help to strengthen relationships critical to one's job search.

Happy Holidays!


Great article, a wake up call for so many uninformed job searchers!

The jobs search world is just as lively! Thanks for sharing.

It's so true -- I love this time of year for networking. Many people are in a good mood, some have slower seasons in the office, so there is more time for meeting for coffee, etc. And, we know that hiring doesn't stop (for all of the reasons you mentioned). Thanks for the contribution!


Great reminders! Networking takes time and as you pointed out, so does the hiring process.

This month is a super time to lay the foundation, meet people and get ready for hiring that will happen in the near future.

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