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I really enjoyed your advice because it pointed out that there really isn't just one way to land a new job. Different people have different successes via different methods. To achieve the best results, we have to cover all our bases. You've provided hope and encouragement! Great job!

Great article Chandlee! I love your line about giving yourself your "own vote of confidence". What a great philosophy to have! The "follow up and follow through" advice is gold, as is the suggestion to research the company. Jobseekers would be well advised to follow your suggestions here!

That nagging sense that you won't be a 'serious contender' is a good point! It's one that many of us relate to in various 'competitive' aspects of life, in addition to job search.

I think most of us, at one time or another, experience the feeling of inadequacy or lack of self confidence in this, that or the other. But your suggestions to take fairly modest steps, like posting a LinkedIn profile or sending a thank-you note after a rejection are smart! ... and they create 'traction!'

Keep moving and doing. The forward momentum gets us unstuck from insecurity and these incremental,seemingly modest details often are the ones that the interview or cinch the next great job!

Great post, Chandlee!

Giving yourself "your own vote of confidence",that's the best thing you can do to yourself.However, confidence comes when you have gained valuable knowledge.You can develop your knowledge by reading alot of fine literature. Often times, literature about the job you're looking for,or literature into the world of what interest you the most.That way you will be fit to keep a sound conversation.The best follow up still remain a thank you note, so,do so, at every opportunity you have.And Yes! you're right,the best follow through is to do what you said you will do.

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