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Julie Walraven

I think you have my lawnmower, Chandlee. It looks exactly the same. I told a friend on Twitter that I often come up with blog posts while mowing the lawn.

I mowed here when we first bought the house and my sons were 4 and 5. The hilly, uneven terrain in my double lot is challenging and I gave up my mowing when the boys grew old enough to do it. Last year, if I couldn't convince my 23-24 years to mow, I did it myself.

This year, I might struggle with heat-exhaustion and my muscles might ache, but I am mowing on my own because I see it as a victory that I still can and realize that someday perhaps I will not be able to mow it.

Thanks for the reflection. You are always fun to read.


Thanks, Julie...Yes, the lawnmower invites reflection. There seem to be quite a few of us experiencing these life lessons and dilemmas. Thanks for the comments and I hope to see you again in person soon!

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